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Escatawba is, simply put, a fly fishing paradise tucked away in the beautiful Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. Flowing through two miles of secluded woodlands, Escatawba is flooded with beauty, fenced pastures and teeming with huge trout that'll challenge even

the most seasoned angler.

This little slice of heaven is packed with gorgeous scenery and hosts that are dedicated to habitat preservation that you've surely never experienced.

This small, fold-up brochure and ad series was a true labor of love. Brian is a very avid fly fisherman and outdoorsman, as well as some others on staff. It was an absolute joy to

work on crafting copy that resonated so strongly with the client, capturing photos in freezing temperatures and spending time on the property exploring the lay of the land and listening

to the passion he has for trout habitat and conservation. He works tirelessly so sportsmen

can enjoy an escape, an adventure or make memories that will last a lifetime.


Escatawba is the clients own labor of love and we wanted to make sure the audience

he was speaking to understood how special this place truly is.

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