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I'm Diggin it! Welcome to the Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance (MMTA). Meeks Mountain is a trail system project that

began in November 2018 with a mission to build and sustain a network of trails for the health and well-being of the

people and create additional opportunities for economic growth. MMTA (Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance) and volunteers started building trail system in 2018 and over the next several years plan to build 26+ miles of trails here in our own

front yard of Hurricane, WV.  MMTA is a group of folks hungry for local trails and making it happen with hand tools

and serious grunt work. But, it's an absolute labor of love for everyone involved!

To date, builders/volunteers have logged 7,000+ hours clearing trails for hikers, bikers, runners, walkers, and trail

enthusiasts alike. Individuals of all ages have dedicated time, money, and physical labor to make this community trail

accessible for everyone. Due to the abundance of those volunteers, we anticipate having a trail system that covers

26 miles in the near future, possibly more. We believe this trail system will be a top racing venue that brings in races

but also prominent athletes from all over the world, giving MMTA the ability to consistently recognize our

dedicated sponsors.

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